Production Underway on the World’s First OnLine Rheometer (OLR)

Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the OnLine Rheometer (OLR) is now in production with units available for immediate purchase. Rheology Solutions has built a new production facility to build the OLR.They are manufactured and rigorously tested and calibrated. The production facility will be expanded as manufacturers reap the benefits of the OLR. It is envisaged that manufacturing sites would start by installing the OLR in one of their process lines and then roll out across all their lines with the installation of an OLR on every line.


olr028-2This novel instrument delivers fast, accurate results with a single measurement over a range of frequencies. The OLR reduces wastage, saving time and money with potential environmental benefits. It’s simple design and stainless steel construction makes it easy to use and clean.

Left: The stainless steel sensor and components inside the OLR fibreglass housing.

Currently, when more detailed knowledge of the flow properties – viscoelastic properties of the fluid is required a sample is taken from the process and tested in the laboratory with a rheometer. This is time consuming and until the results are known the quality of the product being manufactured is not known. When the process operates continuously it can result in lost product and lost time if the test results indicate the product is out of specification and the product is either rejected or reworked. > LEARN MORE

The OLR is a process control rheometer designed to be installed in the pipe and measure the viscoelastic properties of a process fluid in real time and will assist with improving product quality and reduction of processing costs.


The OLR uses multi-frequency patented squeeze flow technique that allows the viscoelastic flow properties of a material to be measured in a very short time. The measured rheological parameters can be used for process control in a feedback system to monitor and control the process and therefore the quality of the final product.

Right: The OLR Electronics Assembly

The availability of instant data on the rheological quality of the product throughout the production process make a compelling reason to purchase the OLR for all production process lines.