OLR Product Information

The OnLine Rheometer (OLR) has been developed and manufactured by Rheology Solutions and is designed to continuously measure, plot and report the flow properties of process liquids in the pipe.

The OLR will provide instant and accurate rheological data in real time so that liquids during manufacturing and processing are produced and maintained within specification – first time and on time.

The OLR is designed for use in a pipe, and it continuously measures and relays the data to the process operator – either through SOLR the software for the OLR or through the factory PLC (Process Logic Controller).

The plant operator or engineer input specific flow property data for the product being tested to establish the optimum production specification parameters. The OLR monitors the process and displays the product conformance throughout the manufacturing and production process.

Principle of Operation SOLR – Software for the OLR Technical Specifcations


Company Profile
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OLR Series 1000 Product Brochure
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