Free Factory Trial for the OnLine Rheometer (OLR)

Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is pleased to announce a free* OnLine Rheometer (OLR) factory trial offer which is available to manufacturers of food, cosmetic and personal care products and also to the manufacturers of household chemicals.


The OLR uses patented multi-frequency squeeze flow technique that allows the viscoelastic flow properties of a material to be measured in a very short time. The measured rheological parameters can be used for process monitoring, and in a feedback system used to control the process and therefore the quality of the final product.

olr030-1Figure 1. Inside the OLR with the
oscillatory squeeze-flow plates closed
olr030-2Figure 2. Inside the OLR with the
oscillatory squeeze-flow plates opened


During the OLR measurement cycle, the plates close as shown in Figure 1, trapping a sample of the product and making a measurement. When the measurement is completed the top plate retracts as shown in Figure 2, allowing the product flowing through the OLR to remove the measured sample before the cycle begins again.

The benefits of instant data on the quality of the product throughout the production process make a compelling reason to install an OLR for each of your production process lines.

*The free factory trial period offered is at the discretion of Rheology Solutions and the unit will be supplied on the basis that the customer covers all installation costs. At the end of the agreed term the customer will be asked to complete an evaluation – performance questionnaire on the OLR performance.


olr030-3The Advantages of the OLR include:

  • Fast and reliable real time results
  • Low maintenance
  • Out-of-specification diagnosis
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Precise and robust sensor system
  • Process control
  • Process monitoring
  • Quality control
  • State of the art technology
  • Time and cost savings

The OLR is used in conjunction with custom developed software specific for the OLR. The OLR Software SOLR provides flexibility – the user takes data from their own product to decide what they want to continuously measure, plot and report. There are three key functions of SOLR:

Set-up process monitoring and quality control parameters based on data directly from the process to continuously and provide informed decisions about the process and product trends.

Monitoring and control of process either through SOLR or through the factory PLC with the provision of a pass/fail display on screen plus audio or visual alarms if required.

Out-of-specification product diagnosis allows the plant engineer to compare the out-of-specification material with in-specification data and diagnose why there is a change in the product quality.


A limited time offer for a free factory trial is now available and interested manufacturing companies should contact Rheology Solutions direct to discuss their application requirement and determine if the OLR is suitable for their processes.